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Barrington Primary School

"Supporting each other to achieve together"

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

In our class, we have 34 amazing children.

Our class teacher is Mrs Harris and our teaching assistant are Mrs Wright and Mrs Iles. We also have Mrs Ashley on a Thursday afternoon.

We wrote our class charter together to create a safe and engaging learning environment in which all of our rights are respected and we are listened to by our adults and our peers.

To be healthy, we:

  • Read every day to exercise our brains.
  • Drink water to keep ourselves hydrated and help us concentrate.
  • Try out best in our learning.
  • Have a growth mindset so we are always ready for the next subject.

To be safe, we:

  • Always walk sensibly around the school.
  • Tidy our equipment away and keep it off the floor.
  • Keep all of our chair legs on the floor.
  • Listen quietly during the register.

To be ourselves, we:

  • Make others feel comfortable and let them be themselves.
  • Are confident and believe that we can do it.
  • Are sensible around the classroom.
  • Respect each other’s differences. 

To be heard, we:

  • Put our hands up to say something to an adult.
  • Express ourselves and listen to others when they do.
  • Listen to everyone and give everyone a chance to speak.

A key focus for us this year is learning our times tables - by the end of the year we should know all our times tables facts (and their corresponding divisions) up to 12 x 12. We complete Master of Tables tests twice a week and receive certificates if we complete a level!


  • PE – Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons
  • Spelling test – Monday morning
  • Master of Tables – Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • Homework – Handed out on Tuesdays, due in the following Monday
  • Reading – children to read at home at least five times a week

Here is a link to look at our Autumn term class newsletter: