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Barrington Primary School

"Supporting each other to achieve together"

Staff List

Staff Organisation and Responsibilities

Teaching Staff

Main Responsibility Teacher Additional responsibilities
Headteacher Mrs C Clark Child Protection / Safety / Behaviour / Inclusion
Acting Headteacher Mrs K Herbert SENCO
Acting Headteacher Miss D Fisher Leading Practitioner
Reception Mrs J McGreig History
Mrs L Smith Geography
Year 1 Miss L Bruty RE
Year 2 Mrs T Kerr

KS1 Leader 

Reading and Music

Year 3 Mrs C Green


Year 4 Mrs C Harris Computing and MFL
Year 5 Mrs L Lancaster Writing
Year 6 Mrs I Carlin

KS2 Leader 

Maths and Science

Talking Base Mrs N Wynne Art, Design and Technology
Mrs A Courtney  
HLTAs Mrs S Renwick EAL / Cover supervisor (all year groups)
Miss J Ashley Cover supervisor 

Support Staff

Teaching Assistants Mrs D Bell
Miss J French
Mrs K Nicholls
Mrs S Ellis
Mrs S Hopkins
Mrs J Webster
Mrs A Wright
Mrs J Moorhouse
Mrs A Eastwood
Mrs L Walker
Miss C Watkins
Ms A Leupold
Mrs T French - Pastoral Support
Mrs M Iles
Lunchtime Midday Supervisors Mrs M Iles (Senior MDS)
Mrs K Nicholls
Mr M Smallwood
Mrs M Berisha
Miss S Willett
Miss J French 
Mrs Saywell
Premises Manager Mr N Costi 
Finance Assistant Mrs J Davies Reception / Dinner money / Payments / Class visits
Office Manager Mrs C Richardson  Reception / Attendance / Website / Newsletter/ HR / Communications