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Barrington Primary School

"Supporting each other to achieve together"

School vision, values and motto

Our vision statement

At Barrington we aim to create:

A caring and stimulating environment, where all children have the opportunity to succeed

Our values

Children, staff, governors and parents have agreed a set of values for our school.

At Barrington, we:

  • believe that everyone has a valued role within our school community
  • support each other and embrace differences
  • promote independence and self-discipline
  • have high-expectations and celebrate achievements
  • respect our environment and work to improve our community
  • promote curiosity and a love of learning

In order to achieve these aims, we hope to create a friendly atmosphere, taking special care to establish a happy relationship with children from their first day at school.  we encourage the children to have a caring and responsible attitude towards one another and a respect for property belonging to other individuals and the community.  Children should feel part of the school, not just the class, meet teachers from other classes and feel that they have an important contribution to make to the whole school.

Knowing children are naturally inquisitive, we aim to use this to guide the children to discover much for themselves, thus laying a foundation for independent learning.

Our motto

Supporting each other to achieve together

Code of conduct

At Barrington we have a school code of conduct that pupils and staff adhere too:

  • We are polite, considerate and caring
  • We help each other
  • We show respect for each other and our property
  • We are honest and take responsibility for our actions
  • We move calmly around the school
  • We are friendly and welcoming
  • We contribute positively
  • We always do our best and celebrate our successes