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Barrington Primary School

"Supporting each other to achieve together"

The curriculum

The Governors responsible for Curriculum is Mr S Wilkins

The curriculum

Our curriculum for each year group is arranged in accordance with 1996 Education Act and the Local Education Authority.

There is an emphasis upon creativity throughout the school and children are encouraged to approach activities through their preferred learning styles where appropriate. We believe that the personal and social development of individual children is paramount; throughout the curriculum children are encouraged to assess their own achievements and to identify areas of their work or behaviour which needs improving.

National Curriculum Subjects
Core Subjects English, Mathematics, Science, RE and Computing
Foundation subjects History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Language, PSHE/RSHE

A revised National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014.

The school has prepared for this significant change and has revised its school-based schemes of work in the light of this.  A curriculum map outlining what themes are to be taught in each year group is published under the section curriculum overview’.

We aim to teach our curriculum in an engaging, interesting and stimulating way.  There is an emphasis upon creativity throughout the school and children are encouraged to approach activities through their preferred learning styles where appropriate.

  • EYFS and Year 1 follow the Little Wandle synthetic phonics scheme and resources.  Teachers use a carefully chosen variety of reading materials that are linked to the phonic phases.  Pupils then progress to using banded reading books (via Accelerated Reader) when they are highly fluent

  • From EYFS to Year 6 the maths curriculum is taught from the Mathematics Mastery Programme (Ark Curriculum).  In all year groups a 'Maths Meet' session is included in the timetable revisiting concepts such as time, shape and numbers.  Pupils in our Talking Base use Numicon as the basis for learning mathematical concepts.

  • Powered by Purple Mash, our school offers a dynamic computing curriculum that empowers students to explore, create and develop essential digital skills

  • Fueling scientific curiosity, our school integrates Developing Experts into our Science curriculum.  With this powerful platform, students engage in immersive learning experiences and gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. 
  • Our Art curriculum is based on Access Art .
  • History, Geography and Design Technology are taught using KAPOW materials
  • The RE curriculum is based on the Bexley SACRE document and is supplemented with RE today materials
  • EYFS supplement their classroom learning with Forest school activities

  • Year 3 take part in weekly swimming sessions and other year groups have access to external sports coaches as part of our lunchtime provision

  • A specialist music teacher leads sessions in all year groups.  Pupils have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder, ukulele, violin, clarinet, saxophone, flute, guitar or piano and join the school choir.  There are two choir sessions - one for each key stage; our KS2 choir takes part in the Young Voices concert each year

Beyond the school

  • We develop links with other local schools, enabling us to access their resources through subjects such as: Art, MFL and PE activities.

  • All classes have a termly class trip.  We also use the local area to support our curriculum learning.

  • Pupils in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to participate in a residential visit.

  • Barrington provides extra-curricular activities including: Choir, Art and Crafts club, Football, Cookery and Science.  An up to date list of clubs is available on the school website.

  • We encourage visitors into our school to share their knowledge and experience with our pupils.