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Barrington Primary School

"Supporting each other to achieve together"


Our Science subject Leader is Mr L Jobson


At Barrington Primary School, we aim to provide our pupils with a high quality scientific education, which equips them with both the knowledge of the scientific topics they study but also the progression of skills through the ‘working scientifically’ aspect of the curriculum.

We aim to ignite a lifelong curiosity and passion for science among our students.  We believe that science education is not just about memorising facts; it is about nurturing critical thinking, problem solving skills and the ability to explore the world with a scientific mindset.  Our intent is to foster a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and skills among our students; instilling a lifelong appreciation for science. 


Our school supports primary science education with teacher resources such as detailed lesson plans, mission assignment videos and subject mastery documents.  In using 'Developing Experts' we are able to expose pupils to engaging videos and presentations which in turn enable teachers to promote discussion.  The Mission Assignments promote understanding of concepts and develop the use of scientific vocabulary through their rocket work quizzes. Assessment is undertaken via mini tests and Assessment for Learning (AfL) opportunities.

It is important to us that the curriculum is inclusive for all and Developing Experts recognises that there is diversity of need.  Each unit of work sets out clear and ambitious learning goals with differentiated outcomes to ensure accessibility for all.

The curriculum builds on prior knowledge and connects concepts across year groups.  Various learning formats including text, images, videos, and experiments enhance retention.  Industry experts contribute to the content and real world applications for some concepts are shared via mini clips as part of lessons.


By implementing a well rounded science curriculum, we aim to cultivate a generation of pupils who can think critically, analyse data and make informed decisions.  This approach will empower our pupils to explore the natural world, develop a passion for scientific discovery and lay a strong foundation for future studies in science and related fields.  Furthermore it will nurture skills such as problem solving, team work and creativity; all of which are essential for success in the modern world.


Science Overview 2023-24