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Barrington Primary School

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Our Subject Leader for Computing is Mr L Jobson


The intent of the Computing curriculum at Barrington is to equip our pupils with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to understand and navigate the digital world effectively.  By introducing them to computational thinking, coding and computer literacy, we aim to foster their problem solving abilities, creativity and digital citizenship from an early age.


In the early years curriculum, computing may not be explicitly outlined as a standalone subject. However, aspects of computing can be effectively incorporated to help children achieve early learning goals, including those related to understanding the natural world.

Lessons are interactive, hands on and use a range of educational resources to introduce key concepts such as algorithms, logical reasoning, programming languages and digital tools.  Our teaching methods emphasise active learning, collaboration and critical thinking; enabling students to develop computational skills through practical application.  The Computing curriculum promotes inclusivity and prepares students for future opportunities in the digital workforce by equipping them with essential skills and fostering a passion for technology.

In addition to this, we will provide our children with the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves safe on the internet and how to be responsible and respectful internet users.


In teaching Computing at Barrington, we want an outcome where our pupils to be empowered by their learning; becoming proficient users of technology who can navigate digital environments with confidence.  Our pupils will have gained a deeper understanding of how technology works, enabling them to make informed choices and engage responsibly in the digital world.  

By engaging with the Computing curriculum our pupils will be digitally literate, creative thinkers who are technologically fluent and can thrive in the rapidly evolving digital society. 

Click here to read our computing curriculum overview for 2023/24

Purple Mash

The Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work is a comprehensive set of resources aligned to the National Curriculum for Computing, Technology and Digital Competence.  The scheme of work is intended to facilitate teachers in achieving the very best outcomes for children.  It exposes children to a wide variety of digital tool, technological skills and innovations.  

The inspiring and engaging lessons allow for flexibility to meet individual needs.  Lessons are delivered from plans which include slide shows to visually demonstrate the skills and knowledge being taught.  In addition to this, there are 'catch up' units which enable teachers to close gaps in learning.  

The scheme for the EYFS shows opportunities for using Mini Mash and Purple Mash as part of the EYFS experience and supports pupils in working towards the Early Learning Goals.

How you can support your child:

Start by logging in to Purple Mash from the school's website in the 'Quick Links' section with your child’s login and familiarise yourself with the menu icons and key areas of the site. You can also explore our parents’ area on the 2Simple website which explains the powerful learning benefits of Purple Mash beyond the classroom all in under 3 minutes, including the parent portal: https://www.2simple.com/purple-mash/purple-mash-parents/​How do I set up a short cut to Purple Mash on my device?



Below are some useful parental guides: 




Children are using devices at a younger age so it’s important to consider setting controls on the devices they use. We’ve pulled together a number of guides to give you simple steps to set controls on a range of devices.

Click here to view guides on how to set up controls


Keeping your children safe: online and beyond

It's never easy to know how to keep our children safe when they aren't with us, and sometimes even when are, if we don't know what's happening in their lives or on their devices!   Who are they talking to, what are they doing, are they okay?

Don't despair though...scroll through this page for help or click a button to go straight to a particular topics.  Click on this link to access Parentsafe