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Attainment and Progress

As you will be aware, the government has introduced a system of ‘Life without Levels’, where children are assessed via a set of criteria based on the curriculum taught to them over the year; the aim being that all pupils are working at an ‘age expected level’ or above at the end of each academic year.

All schools have been given a choice as to how they do this, meaning that often the language used in a school will differ to that of another nearby school, although the standard of work will look the same.  Here at Barrington, we use a recording system called Target Tracker, which enables us to assess both informally and formally to make decisions about how a pupil is attaining and to track progress over the year.

Each year group is described as a ‘band’, meaning that a child in year 2 would be working in ‘band 2’ following the year 2 curriculum; a child in year 4 would be working in ‘band 4’ following the year 4 curriculum and so on.  There will be some pupils in the school who will work at a lower ‘band’ than their year group due to additional educational needs, usually if they have an SEN support plan.

Within each ‘band’ are several ‘steps’.  These describe how far through the curriculum they have travelled, demonstrating solid knowledge and skills.  These steps are broadly split into three parts: beginning, working within and secure.  As children move through each step, they will be displaying deeper knowledge and consolidated skills.  There will be some children who are of a higher ability that may be beyond the secure end of their band.  These children will be classified as at ‘mastery level’.  In the past, these children would often start to access the curriculum of the year above their own.  This is not the case now, with an emphasis on deeper, broader learning and the ability to apply skills to different situations. 

For further information about the content of each ‘band’ in English (reading and writing) and  Maths, please visit the school website under each subject heading, where you will be able to download the band for your child’s year group and see the ‘steps’ within it.

Click on the following link to see how the steps are broadly split into three parts:

'Assessing without levels' at Barrington