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Barrington Primary School

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Attainment and Progress

At Barrington Primary School, we assess children against whether they are meeting the expected standard for their year group.  Children can also be assessed as working towards their year group expectations or working at greater depth within the curriculum.

When children are working towards their year group expectations, there can be a number of reasons for this including SEND or children needing targeted support.  These children will usually have further intervention to support their learning.

To assess children, we use a number of methods.  Teacher judgement, work in books and formal assessment are triangulated to formulate a decision as to whether they are working towards, at or above the expected standard.  Children who are working at a level lower than their academic year may be assessed using materials from a lower year group to identify gaps in learning or specific barriers to progress.

We use PiXL assessments throughout the year in Years 1 - 6 to identify children's strengths and gaps; this informs future planning and teaching.

The progress of all pupils is discussed on a regular basis through formal conversation between class teachers, senior leaders and the SENCo. 

There are formal assessments that pupils take at key points during their time at school; these are in line with DfE requirements and area as follows:

  • Year R:  Early Years Baseline Assessment (within six weeks of starting school)
  • Year 1: Phonics Screening Check
  • Year 2: Phonics Screening Check (for those that did not meet the required standard in Year 1)
  • Year 2: Key Stage 1 SATs - these will not be compulsory from Summer 2024 onwards
  • Year 4: Multiplication Tables Check
  • Year 6:  KS2 SATs